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Rory Fitzpatrick

CEO National Space Centre

Rory Fitzpatrick is CEO of National Space Centre Ltd.  National Space Centre is a private company supported by Enterprise Ireland, and was set up in 2010 to redevelop Elforstown Earthstation, and to relaunch Elfordstown as a world class carrier grade commercial teleport and centre of excellence for space research.

Rory was born in Cork and educated at Christian Brothers College, Cork.  Rory finished school in 1985 in the midst of the last major economic collapse in Cork and emigrated to the UK to get employment, working for several large publishing houses in London. 

Rory gained an interest in cutting edge technology and communications while working for the Design Council, part of the British Department of Trade and Enterprise set up to promote and advance good design in industry.  He managed a suite of high-tech and engineering magazines including Engineering Magazine, Advanced Composites Engineering, Vehicle Engineering Design and Design Magazine)
Rory returned to Ireland in 1996, initially to set up a map-publishing company, and expanding into communications as all media merged with internet content to increase broadband need and massively increase broadband opportunities.  Recognising this new demand, Rory launched IT Week, one of the first technical exhibitions in Ireland, in 1997 and in 1999 established Mediasat to supply satellite based broadband in Ireland.

In 2010 Rory, at the helm of National Space Centre, took over the running of Elfordstown Earthstation from Eircom. As part of an €11.5m investment in Irish broadband infrastructure, National Space Centre is contracted to supply Eutelsat with uplink and downlink services as part of their new 8 gateway European broadband network.

Rory was a founder member and first Chairman of Solaris (the Alumni Organisation to support companies on completion of the Genesis Incubation program run by CIT & Enterprise Ireland). 

Rory strongly believes in Irelands enterprise culture and its ability to spearhead economic recovery from Irelands current economic difficulties, and cites tourism, agriculture and technology are the three key areas offering maximum opportunity to grow exports and create jobs in the Irish economy.