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Prof. Alan Wells

NEREUS-vice-president, University of Leicester

Alan is Science Coordinator of THE ISSUE3 consortium (full title: Traffic- Health-Environment Intelligent Solutions Sustaining Urban Economies), a project funded in the FP7-Regions of Knowledge program,
bringing together research clusters from 5 NEREUS member regions (East Midlands, Molise, Midi-Pyrénées, Aquitaine and Mazovia). Common themes of expertise within the consortium apply to the fields of Traffic, Health and Environment (THE); the objective of the project is to apply this research base to achieve Intelligent Solutions for Sustaining Urban Economies-(ISSUE). Alan will explain how data from Earth Observation and Satellite Navigation, integrated with advanced information technology systems, are brought together in a range of transport applications that are beneficial to urban economies. From studies done to date, THE ISSUE is identifying new opportunities for exploitation of space based data in applications addressing societal and economic challenges and contributing to smart, green, integrated transport and climate actions, which are, of course, headline themes identified in the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 vision.