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Octavio Presgrave

National Institute of Quality Control in Health, Brazil

Octavio Augusto França Presgrave is graduated in Biology (Universidade Gama Filho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1986) and works at the National Institute of Quality Control in Health (INCQS), an Official Laboratory of the Brazilian Ministery of Health, since 1982. Octavio has already worked with pharmacological techniques (isolated organs, drug potency) and, nowadays, in working on toxicological methods (pyrogen, skin and eye irritation and sensitization assays) directly applied to the quality control of commercial products, specially cosmetics, cleaning products and injectable drugs. Octavio got his Master degree in 2003, presenting a thesis on in vitro cytokine release (Human Whole Blood Assay) for detecting pyrogenic contamination of injectable products and defended his PH.D. thesis in 2012 about the creation and establishment of the Brazilian Center for Validation of Alternative Methods (BraCVAM).

Although working with experimental animals, Octavio and his group started to study alternative methods and published the first paper on this matter in 1989. Since about 1995, this group has been working hardly on alternative methods for toxicological assays for controlling cosmetics, cleaning products and injectable drugs (including biologicals).

Besides his activities on the routine of quality control and development of alternative methods, Octavio is the Coordinator of the Ethics Committee on Animal Use (CEUA) of FIOCRUZ,  member of the Technical Committee of Cosmetics, at the National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance (ANVISA) and Coordinator of BraCVAM.