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Ms. Doreen Dyck

Defence R&D Counsellor, CDLS, London

Ms. Doreen Dyck has spent her entire professional career as a scientist with Defence R&D Canada (DRDC) of the Canadian Department of National Defence. She started her career working in the field of radar countermeasures, where she devised jamming programs and algorithms, evaluated the effectiveness of jamming techniques, assessed the performance of experimental and DND jamming equipment, and provided advice and assistance to the CF.  

In 2000, Ms. Dyck changed direction slightly and worked as an S&T policy analyst in the Corporate Office of DRDC, conducting strategic planning for DRDC. 

In 2003, Ms. Dyck returned to DRDC Ottawa to become Head of the Radar Systems Section, a dynamic group of 26 scientific and technical staff.   She led a diverse technical portfolio that supported land, air, maritime and space domains, and includes R&D into radar systems such as High Frequency Surface Wave Radar, RADARSAT-2 Ground Moving Target Indication, Through-the-Wall Synthetic Aperture Radar, naval phased array radar, and airborne surveillance radar in support of the CP-140 maritime patrol aircraft.  She also led and planned the Sensing R&D program for the Air Force, and was the Canadian Project Officer on an International Project Arrangement on space-based surveillance. 

In October 2011, Ms. Dyck took up the position of Defence R&D Counsellor at CDLS (London).
She is responsible for liaison in defence science and technology between Canada and the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.