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Dr. Robert Barouki

Professor at the University Paris Descartes

Robert Barouki is a biochemist and molecular biologist whose main focus during the last fifteen years has been understanding the mechanisms of toxicity of environmental pollutants such as dioxin. In particular, he has studied the biological consequences following the activation of the dioxin receptor AhR, Initially Dr. Barouki focused on consequences related to cellular stresses such as oxidative stress and endoplasmic reticulum stress. Subsequently, he studied the different effects triggered by different ligands of the AhR using in particular “-omics” technologies, suggesting that part of the toxicity may be related to the disruption of endogenous functions. Of recent, his main focus is on developmentally relevant cellular effects that are disrupted by the Ahr, notably epithelial mesenchymal transition. In addition to cancer development, he is now focusing on the effects of pollutants on adipose tissue functions and on the nervous system in rodents and in C elegans. His additional projects include clinical studies in obese individuals, as well as studies on the toxicity of drugs and ethanol and the development of relevant biomarkers in human.