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Marc G. Millis

Tau Zero Foundation

Marc Millis is the leading international authority on the search for revolutionary spaceflight, the kind of breakthroughs that would make interstellar voyages practical. He retired from NASA in 2010 to devote his time to the Tau Zero Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to accelerating progress toward real interstellar flight, which extends research and public education beyond that which can be done in government, industry or academia alone.  Millis earned a BS in Physics from Georgia Tech (1982), a MS in Physics Entrepreneurship from Case Western Reserve University (2006), and is an alumnus of the International Space University Summer Session (1998). He has produced over 3-dozen technical and management papers, plus a small number of more speculative works, such as the chapter, "Making the jump to light-speed," in the National Geographic book, Star Wars, Where Science Meets Imagination (2005). His major accomplishment is the book, Frontiers of Propulsion Science (AIAA 2009, Millis & Davis, eds), the first-ever scholarly compilation of the key issues and next steps toward "Star-Trek-ish" spaceflight: the breakthroughs of gravity-control space-drives and faster-than-light travel. In addition to propulsion physics, Millis designed ion thrusters, electronics for rocket monitoring, cryogenic propellant equipment, and even a cockpit display to guide free-fall aircraft flights.