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Geoffrey Hamilton-Fairley

Executive Chairman, Oncimmune Ltd

Geoffrey Hamilton-Fairley’s entrepreneurial career started in 1982 by founding a number of companies in the media sector backed by The Abingdon Management Company Limited (Abingdon) - an institutional venture capital company. In 1988 he joined the board of Abingdon as CEO and subsequently became sole owner having acquired the company from its institutional shareholders. Abingdon had a number of quoted and unquoted investments in a variety of sectors; Property, Corporate Finance, Unit Trusts, an ITV franchise (TVS) and a few early technology companies – perhaps the most note worthy being Fortronic which developed the first magnetic strip plastic card swipe technology. By 1994 Geoffrey had led almost all of these companies to successful trade sales, or flotation.

Geoffrey has maintained close links with the city during his career in fund management, venture capital and corporate finance. He has a history of being able to raise funds for projects. Over the past ten years Geoffrey has increasingly focussed his time and energies on the health sector. His family connections to medicine are strong and he enjoys combining his own scientific background as part of his role in enabling burgeoning science to become a reality. Geoffrey has dedicated almost all of his time in the past 7 years to the development of Oncimmune Ltd, serving as its Executive Chairman. The company has a unique technology for detecting the immune response to cancer at a very early stage in a cancer’s development - up to 4 years before current screening technologies. The first test for lung cancer is well established in the USA and has led to a general belief that Oncimmune’s technology will soon play a significant role worldwide in improving prognosis for cancer sufferers.

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