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Dr. Jonathan West

Plant pathologist and aerobiologist at Rothamsted Research

Jon West is a plant pathologist and aerobiologist at Rothamsted Research, with extensive experience in applied multi-disciplinary crop protection projects. He obtained a BSc in Biology from Royal Holloway College, London University in 1990 and a PhD in Plant Pathology at the University of Reading in 1994. At Rothamsted, since 1997, his work has investigated the biology and control of fungal diseases, measurement of plant disease resistance, the early detection of diseases by optical sensing and dispersal and detection of airborne spores for disease forecasting and population studies. Systems currently under investigation are fusarium ear blight and yellow rust in wheat and sclerotinia and stem canker (blackleg) of oilseed rape (canola). Jon is a member of the Association of Applied Biologists, the British Aerobiology Federation, and the British Society for Plant Pathology. He acts on the editorial board of Aerobiologia, is a visiting lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire and holds an honorary Professorship from the Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Jon has two children, enjoys various sports and is active in communicating science to students and the public.

Publications:  http://www.researcherid.com/rid/D-6098-2011

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