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Dr. John Dinsmore

Health Innovation Lead, Centre for Practice and Healthcare Innovation, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

John Dinsmore is a health psychology researcher who’s work has focused on analysing behavioural change, illness perceptions, cognitive mediators, quality of life and quality of care of individuals living with chronic illnesses (including stroke, COPD, schizophrenia, dementia and obesity) through various collaborative projects with Intel, the Technology Research for Independent Living Centre (TRIL), The Queen's University of Belfast, The Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Imperial College London, University of Ulster Jordanstown and the National University of Ireland Galway. His research has also examined the management, educational practices and attitudes of respective health professionals in treating chronic conditions. 

As ‘Health Innovation Lead’ Dr. Dinsmore is currently engaged in research and development projects examining the impact of psychological principles such as behavioural change to the development of assistive technology products, content and services in chronic illness self-management as part of an enhanced user experience model.

Presentation Title: Developing an effective framework to improve user adoption and confidence in using assistive technologies.

Summary: This presentation will focus on creating a framework and behavoural change approach to assistive technology design, development and implemenation to improve patient and healthcare professional confidence in using technology as part of a self-management routine in chronic health conditions. The presentation will also highlight the need for health service re-design to potentially improve societal adoption of assistive technologies.