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Prof. Donald B. Dingwell

Secretary General, European Research Council

Don Dingwell is a geoscientist trained in Canada. After research experience at Carnegie Institution of Washington and the University of Toronto he was recruited to Germany in 1987. Since 2000 he holds the Chair in Mineralogy and Petrology at the University of Munich where he has founded the Department of Earth and Environment.

Dingwell´s experimental research involves molten rocks and volcanic systems. His research achievements have been recognised by numerous scientific awards in North America and Europe. He is Chair of the section of Earth and Cosmic Sciences of the Academia Europaea, a member of the Royal Society of Canada and holds honorary doctorates from University of Alberta and University College London. Dingwell has participated in teaching in five Universities, three countries and two languages. He has been highly active in the proliferation and support of research. In addition to numerous other scholarly functions he currently serves as the President of the European Geoscience Union.