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Prof. Guy Thomas

President at C-SIGMA Consulting

Prof. Guy Thomas has been involved in all environments of maritime surveillance for 35+ years, including 23 years in the Navy and Air Force, 9 with the USCG, and 9 at Johns Hopkins’ Applied Physics. The S&T Advisor, Maritime Domain Awareness, for the US interagency office for 7 years, he conceived and helped design space-based AIS, and C-SIGMA, whose implementation was included in the NATIONAL SPACE POLICY (2010). He directed the Pacific Fleet introduction of the NAVY EP-3E, and then, globally, the USAF's Rivet Joint Block III, RC-135W/V. He was the first person in history to be authorized to wear both Navy and Air Force wings at the same time and was also the first person in the Navy to be qualified in 4 warfare areas: surface, subsurface, air & space.

He served in combat on 3 cruisers, being slightly wounded once, and in hostile areas in 2 submarines and 6 different aircraft types, 3 Navy, 3 USAF. He was among the first Space Operations subspecialists in the Navy and led research in it at the Naval War College 82-86.

After retiring from the Navy he was a Systems Engineer/Operations Analyst at Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Lab (JHU/APL), taking early retirement from there to go to work for the Coast Guard as technology lead for the new Maritime Domain Awareness Program Integration Office, working very closely with the DOD’s Joint Concept Technology Demonstration (JCTD) program, DHS S&T, and on the array of documents that culminated in the National Strategy for Maritime Security.

He conceived, secured funding for, and helped design space-based AIS and is now working with NATO and others to implement the “Collaboration in Space for International Global Maritime Awareness (C-SIGMA)” concept. He wrote the maritime portion of the new National Space Policy and is also working on its implementation.

He is a distinguished graduate of the Naval War College, earned an MBA with high honors in Computer Information Systems from Bryant University, and studied Systems Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.