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Wednesday, March 6


Maritime Surveillance - The Benefits of Global Collaboration to Promote Good Stewardship and Safe Conduct in the World’s Oceans
Limited Capacity seats available

Mutual awareness for ocean prosperity: how do we share existing ocean surveillance information from space systems to equitably enrich all maritime nations by promoting good stewardship and safe conduct across the world's oceans?

Effective maritime situation awareness requires, by its very nature, global collaboration. The "Collaboration in Space for International Global Maritime Awareness" (C-SIGMA) undertaking looks to develop an unclassified Global Maritime Awareness system using existing commercial and civil space systems, and to make them synergistically more effective by fostering international partnerships and
collaboration. An efficient global maritime awareness system will not only increase security and promote trade, but also will enhanced safety of life at sea and provide greater protection of the maritime environment and its resources, benefiting the entire global community. Following on the Horizon 2020
proposal to improve tools for maritime surveillance, this session will focus on the collaborative nature of maritime situation awareness and how best to integrate European member states with other important global players to achieve these ends via the use of existing unclassified aerospace technology. 


David Neyland

U.S. Office of Naval Research Global - London
avatar for Prof. Guy Thomas

Prof. Guy Thomas

President at C-SIGMA Consulting
Prof. Guy Thomas has been involved in all environments of maritime surveillance for 35+ years, including 23 years in the Navy and Air Force, 9 with the USCG, and 9 at Johns Hopkins’ Applied Physics. The S&T Advisor, Maritime Domain Awareness, for the US interagency office for 7... Read More →

avatar for Ami Daniel

Ami Daniel

CEO & Co-founder, Windward Ltd.
Ami Daniel is the CEO of Windward Ltd., which develops innovative technology for satellite-based maritime analytics. Ami is highly skilled in the domains of maritime analytics, operational naval activity and earth observation satellite technology. Prior to Windward, Ami served as... Read More →
avatar for Ms. Doreen Dyck

Ms. Doreen Dyck

Defence R&D Counsellor, CDLS, London
Ms. Doreen Dyck has spent her entire professional career as a scientist with Defence R&D Canada (DRDC) of the Canadian Department of National Defence. She started her career working in the field of radar countermeasures, where she devised jamming programs and algorithms, evaluated... Read More →
avatar for Rory Fitzpatrick

Rory Fitzpatrick

CEO National Space Centre
Rory Fitzpatrick is CEO of National Space Centre Ltd.  National Space Centre is a private company supported by Enterprise Ireland, and was set up in 2010 to redevelop Elforstown Earthstation, and to relaunch Elfordstown as a world class carrier grade commercial teleport and centre... Read More →
avatar for Harm Greidanus

Harm Greidanus

Presentation title: Regional maritime awareness in the Western Indian Ocean Harm Greidanus received a Ph.D. degree in astrophysics from Leiden University in The Netherlands in 1989. Following that, he has worked in remote sensing at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific... Read More →
avatar for Chris Reynolds

Chris Reynolds

Director, Irish Coast Guard
Chris’s maritime career started in the Irish Navy in 1979 as an Executive (Deck) Officer. He qualified as a Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving Officer with the Royal Navy and also qualified as a Bomb Disposal Officer for conventional and anti- terrorist devices. He was closely involved... Read More →
avatar for Dr. Brian Young

Dr. Brian Young

Director of the Defence Technology Agency, New Zealand
Dr Brian Young joined the Defence Technology Agency as Director in April 2012, after two and half years as Director for Research at the University of Otago. Previously, Dr Young served for four years at the New Zealand Embassy in Washington DC as the Ministry of Research, Science... Read More →

Wednesday March 6, 2013 9:00am - 1:00pm
Radisson Blu Rue d'Idalie 35, 1050 Brussels


Food Security and Safety: A Systems Approach
Limited Capacity seats available

By the year 2050, the world will need 70% more food than it produces today to feed a global population of over 9 billion people. Maintaining the security of the food supply from contamination from both intentional and natural sources is a challenging problem. As the world’s demand for food continues to rise, this only increases the need for new solutions to maintain the quality of the food as well as its security from farm to fork.  This session will focus on the two key areas in food security: rapid detection of chemicals or pathogens in food and optimization of the supply chain. The first area is critical to identifying threats as quickly as possible. Because our food supply can be produced one day and consumed the next day, traditional 24 hour sampling techniques are not sufficient to meet the needs of the modern food system. However, the technology to perform the pre-concentration and sampling of the
high volume product streams as well as detect a single pathogen or extremely low chemical concentrations within 10 minutes does not yet exist. The supply chain itself is a source of a great deal of food waste - up to 30% of all fresh produce is lost in the supply chain in the US. How do we move away from first in, first out logistic systems and to least shelf life, first out system? To accomplish this, technology for measuring, estimating and tracking shelf life will need to be developed. In addition, the supply chain must continue to play a role in the security of the food it transports.

avatar for Mr. Gary McMurray

Mr. Gary McMurray

Principal Research Engineer at the Georgia Tech Research Institute
Gary McMurray is a Principal Research Engineer at the Georgia Tech Research Institute and Division Chief for the Food Processing Technology Division. The division has experts in sensing for food quality and food safety, robotics, environmental technologies focused on waste streams... Read More →

avatar for Carmen Arruda

Carmen Arruda

Regional Technical Director, FIS EMEA
Carmen Arruda is Regional Technical Director, FIS EMEA.  Carmen joined Cargill in 2005, initially working in the Vilvoorde R&D Centre and then taking the role of regional Food Technology Leader Latin America.  She accepted the role of Regional Technical Director, FIS EMEA in 2010... Read More →
avatar for Dr. Ultan Mc Carthy

Dr. Ultan Mc Carthy

University of South Florida, Electrical Engineering, RFID Lab for Applied Research
Ultan Mc Carthy received his Ph.D. degree in Biosystems Engineering from University College Dublin, Ireland. It investigated the technological feasibility of Ultra High Frequency Radio Frequency Identification as an Automatic ID Data Carrier for Item level food supply chain traceability... Read More →
avatar for Prof. Umezuruike Linus Opara, PhD CEng

Prof. Umezuruike Linus Opara, PhD CEng

Founding Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal, Postharvest Technology
Prof. Linus Opara is a Research Professor and holds the DST/NRF South African Research Chair in Postharvest Technology at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. His programme focuses on human capacity development and technological innovations to reduce postharvest food losses and... Read More →
avatar for Dr. Thomas Eidenberger

Dr. Thomas Eidenberger

University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria
Dr. Thomas Eidenberger, born on October 20th 1963, holds a doctorate in Food- and Biotechnology (University of Agriculture in Vienna). After an industrial occupation in the pharmaceutical industry (preclinical and clinical development) Dr, Eidenberger founded in 1997 the company Belan... Read More →
avatar for Ms. Susan Evans

Ms. Susan Evans

Managing Director at Tompkins’ Global Supply Chain Services practice in Europe (EMEA)
Susan Evans is Managing Director, in Tompkins’ Global Supply Chain Services practice in Europe (EMEA). With more than 23 years of experience in transportation, logistics technology and global supply chain issues, Susan has lead her clients through supply chain analysis, market analysis... Read More →
avatar for Prof. Michael Gibney

Prof. Michael Gibney

Director, Institute of Food and Health, University College Dublin, Ireland
Michael Gibney, MAgrSc, MA, PhD, is Professor of Food and Health at University College Dublin and is Director of the UCD Institute of Food and Health. He is a former President of the Nutrition Society.  He served on the EU Scientific Committee for Food from 1985 to 1997 and then... Read More →
avatar for Ms. Elizabeth Moran

Ms. Elizabeth Moran

Elizabeth is a Public Analyst based in the United Kingdom working for Public Analyst Scientific Services Limited. Public Analysts are statutorily appointed by enforcement authorities to ensure the safety and correct description of food by testing it for compliance with legislation.  The... Read More →
avatar for Mr. Art Salindong

Mr. Art Salindong

Managing Director, Trabus Technologies
Mr. Art Salindong is the Managing Director of Trabus Technologies, a US Small Business headquartered in San Diego, California, USA.  Trabus Technologies specializes in research and engineering in the following areas:  Information Technology, Cyber-Security, Signal Processing, and... Read More →
avatar for Mr. Samim Saner

Mr. Samim Saner

General Manager of Kalite Sistem Laboratories Group
Born in 1965 in Istanbul, Samim Saner has studied graduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. levels in the fields of Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry and Environmental Sciences at Istanbul Technical University, Vienna Technical University and Bosphorus University consecutively. Currently... Read More →
avatar for Dr. Jonathan West

Dr. Jonathan West

Plant pathologist and aerobiologist at Rothamsted Research
Jon West is a plant pathologist and aerobiologist at Rothamsted Research, with extensive experience in applied multi-disciplinary crop protection projects. He obtained a BSc in Biology from Royal Holloway College, London University in 1990 and a PhD in Plant Pathology at the University... Read More →

Wednesday March 6, 2013 3:00pm - 6:00pm
European Parliament A5G1