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Rt Hon Lord Reid of Cardowan

Chairman of the Institute for Security and Resilience Studies (ISRS), UCL and Principal of the Chertoff Group

John Reid is the most experienced Cabinet minister of modern times, having held more ministerial posts at Cabinet level than any other politician in recent history.  In range of portfolios and in breadth and intensity of change management across departments, his experience is unparalleled. 

In particular he has served in leadership across a range of security-related portfolios in the UK Government including Home Secretary, Defence Secretary, Northern Ireland Secretary, Minister for Transport and Armed Forces Minister.

Following almost quarter of a century as a Member of Parliament he is now a Member of the House of Lords, the Upper Chamber of the UK Parliament.  He is Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Homeland Security.  He is a Principal of The Chertoff Group, serves as a Senior Advisor to a number of major commercial companies and is presently Hon. Professor and Chair of the Institute for Security and Resilience Studies at University College London and Patron of Painting and Patronage, (Saudi-UK cultural and educational Exchange Programme 2010-). 

His many awards include an Hon. Doctorate from Stirling University for his outstanding contribution to Public Affairs (2009): Politician of the Year (Spectator, 2006); Minister to Watch (2005); Peace Person of the Year, Northern Ireland 2002; Best Scot at Westminster (2001).
CareerReid was an MP for over 22 years, half of which he served as a Government minister.  His portfolio of posts includes Minister of Defence (1997-98); Minister for Transport (1998-99); Secretary of State for Scotland (1999-2001); Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (2001-02):  Party Chair and Minister without Portfolio (2002-03); Leader of House of Commons (2003); Secretary of State for Health (2003-05); Secretary of State for Defence (2005-06); Home Secretary (2006-07). 

AchievementsAs Defence Secretary and Minister he presided over the Strategic Defence Review which reconfigured the British Armed Forces in the post-Cold War period. As Health Secretary he oversaw a major reduction in waiting times/lists and opened up the NHS to independent provision. As Northern Ireland Secretary he played a major role in the Peace Process and negotiated arms de-commissioning with the IRA. While Home Secretary he introduced radical internal reforms and re-focussed the whole Home Office towards the contemporary challenges of International Crime, Immigration and Counter-Terrorism. 

At the centre of the major political developments of the 97-07 Government, in particular, his expertise in the field of security issues is unparalleled, having served as Minister for the Armed Forces, Secretary of State for Defence, Northern Ireland, and Home Secretary, the lead minister for domestic counter terrorism. 

Recent Publications:  Reid co-authored Cyber Doctrine: Towards a framework for learning Resilience (June 2011) along with Dr. Jamie MacIntosh and Len Tyler OBE