avatar for Prof. Donald B. Dingwell

Prof. Donald B. Dingwell

Secretary General, European Research Council
avatar for Alison Abbott

Alison Abbott

Nature Magazine
Senior European Correspondent for Nature
avatar for Prof. Mohamed Galal Mohamed Ahmed

Prof. Mohamed Galal Mohamed Ahmed

Director General of the National Centre for Research
avatar for Mr. Kingsley Aikins

Mr. Kingsley Aikins

Diaspora Matters, Former CEO & President of The Worldwide Ireland...

Dr. Alessandro Annunziato

Joint Research Centre - European Commission

Dr. Pol Mac Aonghusa

IBM Senior Research Manager, Smarter Cities Technology Centre, IBM...
avatar for Arnold van Ardenne

Arnold van Ardenne

Coordinator ASTRON SKA Programme Office
avatar for Carmen Arruda

Carmen Arruda

Regional Technical Director, FIS EMEA
avatar for Josef Aschbacher

Josef Aschbacher

Head of ESA GMES Space Office
avatar for Prof. Karl Aspelund

Prof. Karl Aspelund

Assistant Professor at the Department of Textiles, Fashion...
avatar for Mudassir Asrar

Mudassir Asrar

Pakistan Council for Science and Technology
avatar for Stephan Auer

Stephan Auer

Director for Multilateral Relations and Global Issues, EEAS
avatar for Dr. Victoria Baines

Dr. Victoria Baines

Strategic advisor at the European Police Office (EUROPOL), The Hague
avatar for Dr. Domingos Barbosa

Dr. Domingos Barbosa

Instituto de Telecomunicações
Senior Researcher
avatar for Dr. Robert Barouki

Dr. Robert Barouki

Professor at the University Paris Descartes
avatar for Benoît Battistelli

Benoît Battistelli

President of the European Patent Office
avatar for Prof. Frank Bier

Prof. Frank Bier

Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering Potsdam, Germany
avatar for Josef Bille

Josef Bille

Professor, Institute of Applied Physics, University of Heidelberg
avatar for Bas Blaauboer

Bas Blaauboer

Doerenkamp-Zbinden Chair on Toxicology at IRAS-UU
avatar for Prof Jonathan Blackledge

Prof Jonathan Blackledge

Dublin Institute of Technology
avatar for Alixe Bonardi

Alixe Bonardi

Director, Center for Developmental Disabilities Evaluation and...

Rex Bothwell

Learning & Change, Apple
avatar for Peter Boyle

Peter Boyle

President of the International Prevention Research Institute, Lyon,...
avatar for Prof. Hugh Brady

Prof. Hugh Brady

President of University College Dublin, Ireland
avatar for Angela Brand

Angela Brand

Maastricht University
Full Professor
avatar for Helmut Brand

Helmut Brand

Department of International Health at Maastricht University
Professor European Public Health
avatar for Dr Martha Brumfield

Dr Martha Brumfield

President and CEO Critical Path Institute
avatar for Martha Brumfield

Martha Brumfield

Critical Path Institute
President and Chief Executive Officer
avatar for Karna Bryan

Karna Bryan

NATO Science and Technology Organization Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (STO CMRE)
Programme Manager, Maritime Security
avatar for Mr. Francois Busquet

Mr. Francois Busquet

Europe Policy Coordinator at Center for Alternatives to Animal...

John Callahan

U.S. Office of Naval Research Global - London
avatar for Anne Cambon-Thomsen

Anne Cambon-Thomsen

Director of Research in CNRS (French national centre for scientific...
avatar for Pierpaolo Campostrini

Pierpaolo Campostrini

Chair of NEREUS-GNSS-WG, Director CORILA
avatar for Paola Carrara

Paola Carrara

Coordinator of the DORIS_NET, CNR
avatar for Dr. Ultan Mc Carthy

Dr. Ultan Mc Carthy

University of South Florida, Electrical Engineering, RFID Lab for Applied Research
avatar for Catherine Carty

Catherine Carty

UNESCO Chair Project Manager, Institute of Technology Tralee, Ireland
avatar for Maria Da Graça Carvalho

Maria Da Graça Carvalho

Member of the European Parliament
avatar for Prof. Umezuruike Linus Opara, PhD CEng

Prof. Umezuruike Linus Opara, PhD CEng

Founding Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal, Postharvest...
avatar for Nithaya Chetty

Nithaya Chetty

National Research Foundation of South Africa
Group Executive for Astronomy
avatar for Dr John Chevers

Dr John Chevers

Chief Business Development Officer
avatar for Nessa Childers

Nessa Childers

European Parliament
Member of the European Parliament
avatar for Minister Cyrus C.Y. Chu

Minister Cyrus C.Y. Chu

Minister, National Science Council, Executive Yuan, Taiwan
avatar for Nigel Clarke

Nigel Clarke

Patent Information specialist
avatar for Prof. Siobhan Clarke

Prof. Siobhan Clarke

Director, Trinity Smart and Sustainable Cities Research Centre,...
avatar for Dr. Regina Connolly

Dr. Regina Connolly

Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland
avatar for Dr. Pamela Reilly Contag

Dr. Pamela Reilly Contag

CEO of Cygnet Biofuels
avatar for Clive Cookson

Clive Cookson

Science Editor, Financial Times
avatar for Dara Corrigan

Dara Corrigan

FDA Europe Office Director
avatar for Prof. Peter Coveney

Prof. Peter Coveney

Director of the UCL Computational Life & Medical Sciences Network

Jennifer Craig

Head, EU Research Office
avatar for Dr. Peter Cudd

Dr. Peter Cudd

Member of the board, Association for the Advancement for Assistive...

Dr. Martin Curley

Head of Research, Intel Labs Europe
avatar for Jean-Cyril Dagallier

Jean-Cyril Dagallier

Head of the Coordination Unit of the Sugar Research Programme of the...
avatar for Georges Dagher

Georges Dagher

Research director
avatar for Eamonn Daly

Eamonn Daly

European Space Agency Space Environments and Effects Section
avatar for Ami Daniel

Ami Daniel

CEO & Co-founder, Windward Ltd.
avatar for Minister Dr. Lahcen Daoudi

Minister Dr. Lahcen Daoudi

Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Training of...
avatar for Prof. Kenneth Dawson

Prof. Kenneth Dawson

Director of the Centre for BioNano Interactions (CBNI)
avatar for Dr. Kieran Delaney

Dr. Kieran Delaney

R&D Manager, Nimbus Centre, Cork Institute of Technology
avatar for David Demortain

David Demortain

Political scientist with Sciences en Société (SenS)
avatar for Dr. Jacques Demotes

Dr. Jacques Demotes

Professor of Cell Biology
avatar for Prof. Kathryn Denning

Prof. Kathryn Denning

York University, Canada
Associate Professor

Bob Diderich

Head of Division, Environment Directorate OECD
avatar for Prof. Karola Dillenburger

Prof. Karola Dillenburger

Centre for Behaviour Analysis, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern...
avatar for Dr. John Dinsmore

Dr. John Dinsmore

Health Innovation Lead, Centre for Practice and Healthcare...

Cormac Doherty

University College Dublin
avatar for Dr. Mick Donegan

Dr. Mick Donegan

Associate Senior Research Fellow, University College, Dublin; CEO &...
avatar for Harry Van Dorenmalen

Harry Van Dorenmalen

IBM Europe
Chairman of IBM Europe

Mrs. Avril Doyle

Former Member of the European Parliament
avatar for Prof. Frans von der Dunk

Prof. Frans von der Dunk

European Space Sciences Committee (ESSC)
avatar for Ms. Doreen Dyck

Ms. Doreen Dyck

Defence R&D Counsellor, CDLS, London
avatar for Mark Dyer

Mark Dyer

Director Trinity Haus, School of Engineering, Trinity College Dublin,...
avatar for Dr. Kerstin Eder

Dr. Kerstin Eder

Reader in Design Automation and Verification, Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol
avatar for Dr. Venizelos Efthymiou

Dr. Venizelos Efthymiou

Executive Manager Networks at Electricity Authority of Cyprus
avatar for Dr. Thomas Eidenberger

Dr. Thomas Eidenberger

University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria
avatar for Monica Ensini

Monica Ensini

Scientific Direcotr EURORDIS

Monica Ensini

Scientific Director, EURORDIS
avatar for Morten Ernebjerg

Morten Ernebjerg

Developer at the SAP Innovation Center Potsdam
avatar for Sally Ethelston

Sally Ethelston

Director, Communications and Advocacy PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative...
avatar for Jeff Evans

Jeff Evans

Georgia Institute of Technology
Deputy Director for the Information and Communications Lab (ICL),...
avatar for Ms. Susan Evans

Ms. Susan Evans

Managing Director at Tompkins’ Global Supply Chain Services...

Mauro Facchini

EC, DG Enterprise and Industry, Head of Unit Space Research - G2
avatar for Prof. Mark Ferguson

Prof. Mark Ferguson

Director General, Science Foundation Ireland and Chief Scientific...
avatar for Dr. Jorge Núñez Ferrer

Dr. Jorge Núñez Ferrer

Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)
Analyst and Consultant

Prof. Paolo Fiorini

IEEE Fellow, Department of Computer Science, University of Verona
avatar for Rainer Fischer

Rainer Fischer

Senior Executive Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular...
avatar for Rex Fitzgerald

Rex Fitzgerald

Regulatory toxicology expert at Swiss Centre For Applied Human...
avatar for Rory Fitzpatrick

Rory Fitzpatrick

CEO National Space Centre
avatar for Isabel Fortier

Isabel Fortier

Director of Research and Development P3G Consortium
avatar for Mr. Richard Fosse

Mr. Richard Fosse

Vice President LAS World Wide at GlaxoSmithKline
avatar for Dr. Nick Fowler

Dr. Nick Fowler

Managing Director, Academic and Government Institutions, Elsevier
avatar for Dr. Louis Friedman

Dr. Louis Friedman

Executive Director Emeritus, The Planetary Society
avatar for Peadar Mac Gabhann

Peadar Mac Gabhann

Biostór Ireland
avatar for Dr. Peter Gallagher

Dr. Peter Gallagher

Head of the Solar Physics Group at Trinity College Dublin
avatar for Dr. Conor Galvin

Dr. Conor Galvin

University Lecturer and Researcher, UCD Dublin College of Human...
avatar for Rongxing Gan

Rongxing Gan

Director of Shanghai Clinical Research Center
avatar for Martha Lucia Garcia-Garcia

Martha Lucia Garcia-Garcia

Foresight Links Corporation
CEO, Foresight Links Corporation
avatar for Mr. Richard Gedye

Mr. Richard Gedye

International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers (STM)
avatar for Máire Geoghegan-Quinn

Máire Geoghegan-Quinn

European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science

Jean Georges

Executive Director of Alzheimer Europe

Dr. Aoibheann Gibbons

University College Dublin
Director of Reserach Development
avatar for Prof. Michael Gibney

Prof. Michael Gibney

Director, Institute of Food and Health, University College Dublin,...
avatar for Dr. Karlhanns Gindele

Dr. Karlhanns Gindele

Director Innovation at DIN German Institute for Standardization
avatar for Prof. Anne Glover

Prof. Anne Glover

Chief Scientific Adviser to the President, European Commission
avatar for Sir Peter Gluckman

Sir Peter Gluckman

Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand
avatar for Michel Goldman, MD, PhD

Michel Goldman, MD, PhD

Executive Director of IMI
avatar for Prof. Lizbeth Goodman

Prof. Lizbeth Goodman

Director, SMARTlab and Chair of Creative Technology Innovation,...
avatar for Minister Gary Goodyear

Minister Gary Goodyear

Minister of State (Science and Technology), Government of Canada
avatar for Kevin Govender

Kevin Govender

Chair IAU-GA2024 NOC
avatar for Per-Olof Granström

Per-Olof Granström

Secretary General, EDSO
avatar for Prof. Ian Gray

Prof. Ian Gray

Symposium Co-Chair
avatar for Jean-Pierre De Greve

Jean-Pierre De Greve

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
avatar for Prof Bruno Gryseels

Prof Bruno Gryseels

Director of the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) at Antwerp
avatar for Magda Gunn

Magda Gunn

Scientific Manager at IMI
avatar for Ivo Gut

Ivo Gut

Director Centre Nacional d'Anàlisi Genòmica (CNAG)
avatar for Dr Esia Bushra Mohamed Hamid

Dr Esia Bushra Mohamed Hamid

Minsiter of Science and Communication, Sudan

Minister Isa Bashari Mohamed Hamid

Ministry of Science and Communications, Sudan
avatar for Geoffrey Hamilton-Fairley

Geoffrey Hamilton-Fairley

Executive Chairman, Oncimmune Ltd
avatar for Minister Derek Hanekom

Minister Derek Hanekom

Minister for Science and Technology, South Africa

Björn Hansen

Head of the Chemicals, Biocides and Nanomaterials Unit at DG...
avatar for Mark Harniss, Ph.D.

Mark Harniss, Ph.D.

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine,...
avatar for Jennifer Harris

Jennifer Harris

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Senior Researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health
avatar for Thomas Hartung

Thomas Hartung

CAAT US Director
avatar for Prof. Brian Harvey

Prof. Brian Harvey

Director of Research, DOCTRID International Programme in Research and...
avatar for HE Minister Gusti M. Hatta

HE Minister Gusti M. Hatta

Minister for Research and Technology, Republic of Indonesia
avatar for Ms. Marlit Hayslett

Ms. Marlit Hayslett

Founding director of the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Office...

Adam Heathfield

Senior Director, Worldwide Policy

Marianne Henderson

Former ISBER President
avatar for Adriano Henney

Adriano Henney

Programme Director German Virtual Liver Network
avatar for Gerardo Herrera

Gerardo Herrera

Director, Assistive Technology lab for autism, Robotics Institute,...
avatar for Henk van den Heuvel

Henk van den Heuvel

Director CLST, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands
avatar for Thomas Auf der Heyde

Thomas Auf der Heyde

Deputy Director-General, Department for Science and Technology, South...
avatar for Magí Almirall Hill

Magí Almirall Hill

Director, Office of Learning Technologies, Open University of...
avatar for Prof. Adrian Hill

Prof. Adrian Hill

Director, Jenner Institute at Oxford University
avatar for Karen Hoehn

Karen Hoehn

Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung
Vice Executive Director and Director of International Affairs, DSW

Dr. Charles J. Holland

Associate Director, US Office of Naval Research Global, Prague, Czech...

Michael Hopmeier

Unconventional, Inc
avatar for Mr. Georg Houben

Mr. Georg Houben

Project and Coordination Officer at DG Energy, European Commission
avatar for Mr. Seamus Hoyne

Mr. Seamus Hoyne

Head of Department, Technology, Science and Flexible Learning, Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT), Limerick, Ireland
avatar for Dr. Tim Hubbard

Dr. Tim Hubbard

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
avatar for Takenobu Inoue

Takenobu Inoue

Director, Department of Assistive Technology, Research Institute
avatar for Prof. Alex Jadad

Prof. Alex Jadad

University of Toronto and the University Health Network
avatar for Barbara James

Barbara James

Founder and CEO of Henshaw Capital Partners

William Jefferies

McDonald Deweiler & Associates
Chief Technical Officer

Prof. Susan Jeffords

Vice Chancellor, University of Washington, Bothell (Seattle)
avatar for Dr. Mae Jemison

Dr. Mae Jemison

Head of the 100 Year Star Ship Initiative
avatar for Dr. Richard Johnson

Dr. Richard Johnson

CEO, Global Helix LLC, Washington DC and National Academy of...
avatar for Dr. Roosevelt Y. Johnson

Dr. Roosevelt Y. Johnson

Deputy Associate Administrator for Education

Prof Harry Kaane

Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology
avatar for Dr. Matthias Kaiserswerth

Dr. Matthias Kaiserswerth

IBM Research – Zurich
Director and Vice President
avatar for Mr. Mark Kas

Mr. Mark Kas

Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO)
avatar for Anthony Keane

Anthony Keane

Institute of Technology Blanchardstown
avatar for Gilbert Kirkham

Gilbert Kirkham

NASA Europe Representative
avatar for Bartha Maria Knoppers

Bartha Maria Knoppers

Professor, McGill University, Centre of Genomics and Policy
avatar for Walter Kolch

Walter Kolch

University College Dublin
Director of Systems Biology Ireland
avatar for Dr. Michael Kramer

Dr. Michael Kramer

Radio astronomer, Max Planck-Institute for Radio Astronomy

Bart M. De Lathouwer

GEO Secretariat
avatar for Rita Lawlor

Rita Lawlor

European, Middle Eastern and African Society of Biopreservation and Biobanking
President ESBB, European, Middle Eastern and African Society of...
avatar for Gareth Lawrence

Gareth Lawrence

RHEA System
avatar for Dr. Geraldine Leader

Dr. Geraldine Leader

Psychologist, behaviour analyst and lecturer in the School of...
avatar for Prof. Michael J. Leahy

Prof. Michael J. Leahy

Professor and Director, Office of Rehabilitation and Disability...
avatar for Dr. John C Lechleiter

Dr. John C Lechleiter

President and Chief Executive Officer of Eli Lilly and Company
avatar for Brett Lidbury

Brett Lidbury

Associate Professor of Alternatives to Animal Research at The...
avatar for Ms. Chen Lifang

Ms. Chen Lifang

Corporate Senior Vice President, Director of the Board, Huawei...
avatar for Prof Klaus Lindpaintner

Prof Klaus Lindpaintner

Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at Thermo Fisher
avatar for Paul Locke

Paul Locke

Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School...
avatar for Renato Lombardi

Renato Lombardi

VP of Huawei European R&D Center
avatar for Hugo Loosvelt

Hugo Loosvelt

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
avatar for Anita Loots

Anita Loots

Associate Director of SKA Africa
avatar for Peter Lord

Peter Lord

DiscoTox Ltd
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